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Open Data

Complete module that uses CKAN as Open Data Manager enriching it with an attractive and powerful presentation layer that incorporates Wijmo 5, a powerful library for treatment of tables and graphics. If you want to incorporate dynamic updates to the catalog data, RTOD (Real Time Open Data) improve the extraction of collections from major data bases systems, Rest API or the Smart City FIWARE platform. Among its features are:

  • Strict compliance with Technical Standard for Interoperability (NTI in Spanish)
  • Set to the UNE 178301 Smart Cities. Open data AENOR
  • Both multilanguage interface and metadata catalog
  • Preview most open formats
  • Possibility to filter, sort, and aggregation of tabular data and construct graphs and/or maps from them
  • Federable by datos.gob.es and www.europeandataportal.eu

Access to Open Data

Open Data


It shows compliance with the different transparency indexes that the organization manages regardless of its source: Transparency International Spain indexes (ITA, INDIP …) or own indexes (FEMP, regional transparency laws, etc.). The access to the indicators by means of a logical and organized structure, facilitates to the citizen the consumption of the information presented by the public administrations. In addition, whenever there is a relationship with other past indicators, a history is presented where its evolution can be verified over time. A simple yet complete solution that also complies with what is stated in Articles 5 and 11 of Law 19/2013, which requires that the information provided to assess compliance with transparency indicators is offered in interoperable and reusable formats, in this case coming from the Open Data module of the platform.

The Transparency module also guarantees the right of access to public information in the terms provided in the Spanish Constitution Article 105 (b) and Chapter III, specifically Article 17 of the Transparency Law, access to public information and good government.

Access to Transparency

Last indicators


ITA 2017 Indicators (2019)

C.1.3 The budgets of decentralized bodies, instrumental entities and municipal societies (in a specific section of the website), (if the...

Chart - Distribution of expenditure by chapter


ITA 2017 Indicators (2019)

B.1.5 The updated catalog of administrative procedures at the disposal of the citizen is published, indicating its purpose, procedures,...

Procedures available in Sant Feliu de Llobregat City Council


Indicators of Transparency Ordinance of the FEMP (2019)

d) Catalog of the administrative procedures of its competence, with indication of the object, forms of initiation, documentation to be...

Procedures available in Sant Feliu de Llobregat City Council

Budget Evolution

Budget 2018

251.240.822,11 euros

Budget 2019

256.710.867,63 euros

+2,2 %

Citizen Participation

The Citizen Participation module includes facilities to submit and debate Government proposals and from the debate and votes, inform the decisions taken by the Government. In the same way it allows to the citizens submit proposals to the Government that can be discussed and voted by the rest of the citizenship and follow the proposal status and the answer given by the government to the same.

It is also possible to enable a section of Questions to the Government with the follow up of the same ones. The possibility of knowing the citizen’s feelings through surveys and a government agenda are also included within the Citizen Participation module.

Access to Participation

Citizen Participation

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